Health Tourism in India

Health tourism is an increasingly popular medical treatment option for people of the countries throughout the world. The definition of health tourism, also frequently referred to as medical tourism, describes the practice of traveling to a country that differs from your own to secure medical treatment for a variety of health issues.

There are at least 50 countries that have claimed that health tourism is part of their national industry and growing numbers of nations are actively advertising their services in an attempt to increase their appeal as a health destination. India, Brazil and Malaysia represent some of the top and most popular health tourism destinations, while other countries such as Jordan and Jamaica are seeking to attract new populations of health tourists and continue the development of the industry in their country.

Rise of Health Tourism in India

With rising healthcare costs in developed countries like Untied States and United Kingdom along with rising inflation in these countries, patients who cannot afford such an expensive health care costs are seeking medical treatments in countries which offer same treatments at a very low cost. This has given rise to health tourism which has now become a growing sector as it creates lots of job opportunities and adds to the growth of the country. Amongst the countries which offer low cost health care services, India is one country. Growth of health tourism in India has been very rapid in the last 10 years.

Advantages of Health Tourism in India

1.The biggest advantage of health travel in India is the low cost health care service
2.Technological advancements and highly educated doctors
3.Availability of latest health instruments
4.High health care standards offered
5.No language barrier as English is widely spoken across India.
6.Relaxed visa rules
7.Visa on India arrival for patients from specific countries
8.Availability of low cost generic medicines

Disadvantages of Health Tourism in India

1.Medical Malpractice: Misdiagnoses during the treatment can result in unforeseen damages even though hospitals provide malpractice insurance. Since travelers are not aware of the legal rules in India, this can cause further troubles.

2.Insurance Coverage: The insurance coverage varies on the type of medical treatment taken. So before seeking any treatment understand all the facts to avoid any unnecessary expenses during your stay abroad. It may cause problems to them, since in countries like US and UK legal procedures are very transparent.

3.Post Operation Recovery: Most of the times after the medical procedures, patient has to do routine health check with the same hospital. But issues arise when the recovery time of procedure is longer and in such cases health tourists in India have to arrange stays outside the hospital on their own.

4. Travel Cost: It is always recommended for health tourists to accompany someone while travelling abroad for medical treatment. But this spurts the travel, accommodation and other bills.

Importance and Benefits of Health Tourism

Health tourism is a novel and trending concept used to obtain medical and surgical services while travelling in another country. India has some of the most highly qualified and experienced physicians in the world. Hospitals are equipped with latest technology and the physicians have super specialization in their respective specialties. In addition to the allopathic and modern medicines, India boasts of several other traditional medicines like ayurveda, homeopathy and yoga.

The cost saving on medical expenses is huge as opposed to western countries and is one of the biggest motivating factors for people who travel all along to seek treatment in India. For example, the cost of an knee surgery is almost 40-60% less in India than US including the stay in the hospital, all procedures and surgeon’s fee including transportation to and from India. The lower prices are not because of any compromises in the quality but are due to favorable currency conversion rates and lower operating costs in India.
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