Get Rid of Toxins

Detoxification is the physiological or medicinal removal of toxic substances from a living organism, including the human body, which is mainly carried out by the liver. Many alternative medicine practitioners promote various types of detoxification diets. Detoxification means to get rid of harmful substances which a person can become addicted to, such as alcohol and drugs; the word also has an additional meaning. There are many harmful substances that we are exposed to and those we are directly or indirectly affected by. Through a process of detoxification, one can get rid of accumulated harmful substances that stress our systems.

Natural methods for detoxing the body    

1. Liver Cleanse

For cleaning the liver incorporates bitter greens and juices such as wheat-grass. Other liver happy foods include carrots, limes, lemons and beets. Spices that offer cleansing effects on the liver include turmeric, rosemary, cumin and curry. It’s best to avoid coffee, milk and sodas instead, option for purified water and apple juice.

2. Oxygen Colon Cleanse

One of the best natural detox methods is a six or seven day cleanses using distilled water, organic, aloe vera and an oxy-powder. This cleanse is a quick and effective way to purify your digestive tract.

3. Candida Cleanse

A Candida cleanse is designed to remove Candida within the body by removing all foods containing sugars. This diet requires avoiding all forms of sugar, all refined flour and wheat products, any food containing yeast, as well as all natural sweeteners such as raw honey. During a Candida cleanse you should also avoid alcohol, dried fruit, mushrooms, cheese, pickled vegetables and soy sauce.

4. Harmful Organism Cleanse
There are many herbs that can take care of harmful organisms affecting your health. Taking a probiotic supplement will also support balance and discourage any unwelcome visitors.

5. Liquid Cleanse

A liquid cleanse is an excellent way to cleanse the body while still maintaining energy levels. It involves the consumption of fresh organic fruit and vegetable juices, miso soup, smoothies, flax, coconut and pumpkin seed oil and purified water.

6. Toxic Metal Cleanse

Some people have high levels of toxic metals such as mercury, aluminum and lead in their body. It is recommended that individuals perform two cleanses per year to avoid long term accumulation.

7. Raw Foods Cleanse

This is a temporary cleanse that advocates eating uncooked fruits and vegetables combined with smaller amounts of raw nuts and seeds. It’s an excellent way to detoxify the colon, liver and other systems in the body.

8. Juice Fasts

Juice fasts consist of consuming only freshly juiced fruits and vegetables for one to three days or longer. The best cleaning fruits and veggies include apples, carrots, beets, ginger root, spinach, pears, cabbage, pineapple and other dark leafy greens. Citrus fruits are usually avoided while fasting. Organic fruits and vegetables are best.

9. Kitcheree Cleanse  

A kitcheree cleanse is an ancient Ayurvedic method of cleaning the body through what is known as a mono-diet. In a kitcheree cleanse, you can eat a super diet of cooked vegetables, basmati rice and spices. This diet offers a temporary relief to the digestive system, and contributes to overall detoxification.

10. Cleaning Spices

Coupling a healthy, organic diet with cleansing spices is an effective way to detox the body. The best cleaning spices include turmeric, cumin, fenugreek, ginger, black pepper, clove and rosemary.

11. Master Cleanse  

This detox method consists of a diet composed only of freshly-squeezed lemon juice, organic syrup, pepper and spring water. This can be an effective method for both liver and colon cleansing.

Pros of Detoxing

There are many valid reasons why people undergo detoxes diets. Some of the benefits of detoxing include:

1.Improving kidney and liver function
2.Increasing energy and sense of vitality
3.Revitalizing mind and spirit
4.Jump starting weight loss programme
5.Improving immune system
6.Cutting out bad eating habits

Cons of Detoxing

1.A sudden change in your diet, like the consumption of fiber heavy fruit, can lead to bloating, gas and as your body adjusts
2.Detox diets are not always recommended for teenagers, pregnant women or those with health conditions as there is the risk of consuming insufficient calories and proteins as you adapt to your new diet.
3.Detoxes and cleanses are not intended for long term weight loss, but rather a short, jump start to healthy eating and exercising habits
4.Detoxes are not proven to rid the body of toxins better than your body’s own natural mechanisms.
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