Green Building
Based in Kerala, Tecxim Technology is a firm that promotes a healthy green life style. With years of experience in this field, we have attained a global standard in developing wooden buildings for houses, cottages, tree houses, resorts, schools, hospitals and offices. We have tied up with companies in Canada, America and Scandinavian countries for ensuring the finest technology and imported wood for the construction. Have highly experienced and visionary green architects, engineers and skilled labours.

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Organic Farming
AOFG (Agriculture and Organic Farming Group) India is a network of community based grassroot level development organizations, farmers associations, farmer federations, farmer limiteds and rural NGOs. Work with small and marginal farmer collectives and indigenous communities in the rain-fed, mountain slope farming and shifting cultivation areas.

AOFG India organize, empower and educate the rural communities for self reliance, poverty reduction and economic growth. Promote farmer groups, associations and farmer inspired and farmer owned producer companies for quality production, value addition, storage and marketing. One of their slogans is “Farm to Board Room” and decision making by farmers themselves.

Quality extension services are provided to farmers on organic farming, fair trade, certification, entrepreneurship for rural development, natural resource management and conservation of agricultural ecology and biodiversity. Agro-bio diversity and livelihood options for poverty reductions are addressed and promoted through farmer limiteds. Farmer field schools provide a new direction of quality production, reduction of post harvest loss and competitive marketing.

The promote empowerment of women and reduction of household debts by facilitating Self Help Groups, micro credits (savings and loans) and family farming activities. Integration of family farming activities in a specific geographical area are providing assured quantitative production of crops for localized value addition and marketing opportunities.

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E-Mail: aofgindia@rediffmail.com
Organic Certification
INDOCERT is a nationally and internationally operating, certification body established in India. It is accredited by National Accreditation Body (NAB), Government of India, as per National Programme for Organic Production (NPOP). Furthermore, INDOCERT offers Organic certification as per USDA-NOP standards for products destined for export to the United States. DAkkS, the German Accreditation Body accredited INDOCERT as per ISO65/ EN45011 to carry out certification of products according to INDOCERT Organic Standard (equivalent to EC Reg. No.834/2007 and 889/2008) for Non EU country operators in the field of Plant Production, Feed Production, Feed Processing, Aquaculture and the export of these products according to the regulation of importing countries. INDOCERT is listed as equivalent certification body by European Union for the purpose of equivalence as per INDOCERT organic standard for Non EU country operators (equivalent to EC regulation 834/2007& 889/2008).

INDOCERT is accredited as per ISO 17021 & ISO 22003 by National Accreditation Board for Certification Bodies (NABCB, QCI, India) for providing Food Safety Management System Certification based on ISO 22000:2005 and I.S.343:2000 HACCP Certification. Indocert is accredited from National Accreditation Board for education and Training (NABET, QCI, India) for conducting Lead Auditor course for food safety management system (ISO 22000:2005) for auditors and issue certificate to successful participants. INDOCERT is approved by Highfield awarding body for compliance(HABC) to offer Food Safety Training Programmes from Foundation Level to Level 4 and also Approved by Royal Society for Public Health (RSPH), UK to offer Food Safety Training Programmes from Foundation Level to Level 4

We are approved by UTZ for providing inspection certification services Coffee, Tea, Cocoa. INDOCERT is India’s first indigenous certification body approved as per current version of the Sustainable Agriculture Network - Rainforest Alliance(SAN/RA) Accreditation Requirements for Certification Bodies for Agriculture farms ,Group administrators & Chain of Custody.

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green chemistry
Green ChemisTree Foundation is a registered not-for-profit organization, under section 25, with the vision to bring forth technical know-how regarding green chemistry and engineering applications amongst the Chemical community including Industry, Academia, Research Institutes, Govt. bodies, and Students.

The Foundation, through its various national and international deliberations facilitates the world-wide chemical community to explore, engage, exchange and expand their GC&E paradigms with the following objectives :


Expanding the awareness of Global Chemistry Industry about environmental challenges related to water pollution and the potential of Green Chemistry & Green Engineering to offer economical and environmentally competitive alternatives.


Bridging the gap between Academia, Research Institutes, etc and Industry and empower collaborations between stakeholders.


Creating next generation chemists & chemical engineers who are conscious about environment and are equipped & trained to deal with future challenges of the chemical industry.

Education and Outreach

Educating and sensitizing industry professionals, teachers, students, various industrial & government associations, etc on environmental related challenges and green chemistry.
Biovedics is a trusted brand of Ayurveda products and services which heals diseases in the natural way and ensures overall well being. The traditional panchakarma treatment for detoxification, different varieties of Ayurvedic medicines and other personal care are offered by Biovedics. They envision offering quality Ayurvedic products and services that would enhance the quality of human life. Aimed at redefining the health, Biovedics develop a range of herbal healthcare products under their brand.

In addition to the manufacturing of pharmaceutical products, Biovedics also serves the people through ‘Vaishnavam’, the Ayurvedic Hospital and Panchakarma Centre. As a renowned brand, both the Ayurvedic products and the hospital has become a popular destination of healing and wellness. The heritage of Ayurveda adds to the credibility of the service of Biovedics.


Hybrid Bicycle
Just Buy Cycles is the ultimate showroom for different varieties of bicycles. Being the most humble and healthy vehicle, bicycle causes no pollution and potential harm to the rider and the environment. Since there is no requirement of fuel, bicycle is the most environmentally friendly mode of transportation. Just Buy Cycles has arranged umpteen of designs and models of bicycles and its accessories. Besides, they also provide a range of fitness products.

Just Buy Cycles offers numerous products including kids bicycle and tricycles, bicycles for girls and boys, foldable bicycles, hybrid cycles and kick scooters. Popular brands like Atlas, Avon, BSA, Cosmic, Hercules, Hero, Firefox, Disney and Trek are available under one roof. Just Buy Cycles offer their customers plentiful choices of products to choose from. The simplicity of a bicycle has nothing to do with its variety of features and brands. Considering the high level of pollution and health hazards rooted from the carbon emission from traffic, switching to bicycle ride is the wise step. Just Buy Cycles is wholly committed to serve the customers in this move.


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